Dr. Sihem Amer-Yahia

CNRS at LIG, Grenoble, France

Bio: Sihem Amer-Yahia is DR1 CNRS at LIG in Grenoble where she leads the SLIDE team. Her interests are at the intersection of large-scale data management and data analytics. Before joining CNRS, she was Principal Scientist at QCRI, Senior Scientist at Yahoo! Research and Member of Technical Staff at at&t Labs. Sihem served on the SIGMOD Executive Board, the VLDB Endowment, and the EDBT Board. She is the Editor-in-Chief of the VLDB Journal for Europe and Africa and is on the editorial boards of TODS and the Information Systems Journal. She was PC chair of SIGMOD Industrial 2015 and is currently chairing the VLDB Workshops 2016. Sihem received her Ph.D. in CS from Paris-Orsay and INRIA in 1999, and her Diplôme d’Ingénieur from INI, Algeria.

Worker-Centricity Could Be Today’s Disruptive Innovation in Crowdsourcing

Abstract: Organization studies have been focusing on understanding human factors that influence the ability of an individual to perform a task, or a set of tasks, alone, or in collaboration with others, for over 40 years. The reason crowdsourcing platforms have been so successful is that tasks are small and simple, and do not require a long engagement from workers. The crowd is typically volatile, its arrival and departure asynchronous, and its levels of attention and accuracy diverse. Today, crowdsourcing platforms have plateaued and, despite a high demand, they are not adequate for emerging applications such as citizen science and disaster management. I will discuss the need to think about making crowdsourcing worker-centric by accounting for human factors such as skills, expected wage and motivation. This talk will cover published work on team formation for collaborative tasks and ongoing work on adaptive task assignment and task composition to help workers find useful tasks. This is joint work with Senjuti Basu Roy from the University of Washington and Dongwon Lee, Penn State University.