The City of Stockholm

Stockholm is th2853589390_93ce995e68_ze capital of Sweden and the most populous city in the Northern Region founded in the 13th century. Stockholm is located on Sweden’s south-central east coast, where the freshwater Lake Mälaren — Sweden’s third largest lake — flows out into the Baltic Sea. The central parts of the city consist of fourteen islands that are continuous with the Stockholm archipelago.  Over 30% of the city area is made up of waterways and another 30% is made up of parks and green spaces.

Home to the national Swedish government, parliament, and the official residence of the Swedish Monarch, Sweden’s capital spreads out over 14 islands in Lake Mälaren and looks out to the Baltic Sea to the east.  Grand public buildings, parks, palaces, rich cultural history and museums tell Stockholm’s 700 year-old history beautifully.


3974998124_54692257a6_zKista is a city of Stockholm Municipality in Sweden. Located northwest of central Stockholm, it is divided by the Stockholm Metro blue line into a western part which is primarily a working class and middle class residential area, and an eastern part occupied by commercial ventures, mostly in the telecommunication and information technology industry.

Kista is named after an old farm, still located in the area. The construction of the modern parts were started in the 1970s. Most of the streets in Kista are named after towns and places in Denmark, Iceland, Greenland and Faroe Islands. Because of its ICT industries and secondary CBD status, it became referred to as Chipsta or Sweden’s Silicon Valley in the 1980s.

Kista is the largest corporate area in Sweden and important to the national economy. The construction of the industrial section of Kista began in the 1970swith companies such as SRA (Svenska Radioaktiebolaget, now a part of Ericsson), RIFA AB (later Ericsson Components AB, and later still Ericsson Microelectronics AB, and now Infineon Technologies), and IBM Svenska AB (the Swedish branch of IBM). Ericsson has had its headquarters based in Kista since 2003. The number of employees in Eastern Kista is estimated at around 28,000. Kista hosts departments of both Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and Stockholm University.



The department of Computer and Systems Sciences is located in Kista in the NOD building and is a branch of Stockholm University.  Built in 2014, NOD is a modern building combining innovation with creativity, exciting architecture, first-class materials, and smart communal functions.