Third Invited Speaker: Prof. Foster Provost (NYU)

We are happy to announce that Prof. Foster Provost from New York University will be our third invited speaker!

Industrial Challenge Keynote confirmed

Two Industrial challenge speakers from SCANIA are now confirmed.

Industrial Challenge Important Update

The original dataset contained a systematic error in the naming of histogram variables. The first (leftmost) column for each histogram was falsely included in the histogram and the last column was falsely omitted. For example for the attributes names:

af_000, af_001, ..., af_009, ag_000, ah_000,

should have been:

af_000, ag_000, ..., ag_008, ag_009, ah_000,

All histogram variables were affected by this error. In the updated dataset this issue has been corrected.

Thanks to Ezgi Can Ozan for bringing this to our attention.

Tony Lindgren,
IDA 2016 Industrial Challenge Chair

Industrial Challenge now available

The IDA 2016 Industrial Challenge powered by SCANIA is now available. The dataset consists of data collected from heavy SCANIA trucks in everyday usage.  More information about the challenge can be found here! The submission deadline is 1 July 2016.



Conference reception

The IDA2016 conference reception will be taking place at the Stockholm City Hall on Oct 13 @19:00 in the Golden Hall, which is famously used for hosting the dance after the Nobel banquet.

Invited Speakers

We are pleased to confirm our two invited speakers:

Prof. Samuel Kaski, Aalto University and University of Helsinki

Dr. Sihem Amer-Yahia, CNRS Grenoble

Call for papers

The Call for Papers is available!

Please help distribute this among any of your colleagues who might be interested. A plain text version can be downloaded here.

Website launched

IDA 2016 has launched its website!