Instructions for accepted papers for ORAL presentation:
1. Please identify your slot
2. Prepare a presentation for 25 mins + 5 mins for questions
3. In case you cannot make it to the presentation, please inform us as soon as possible who will be the person that you will delegate to do the presentation on your behalf

Instructions for accepted papers for POSTER presentation: 
1. You are expected to prepare and bring a poster for presentation during the poster session, which is scheduled for Friday 14th October at 16:00.
2. The size of the poster boards is 1,2m high and 1m wide: they are made to fit A0.
3. Before the poster session, authors are encouraged to give a spotlight presentation in which they present their work in two minutes time to attract the attention of the audience to their posters. Note that two minutes is a hard time limit! Use the spotlight to present the problem and key results in a few slides, not to present your complete paper in 10+ slides. The main goal is to attract people to your poster, where you will have plenty of time to explain and discuss your work in detail. When preparing your slides, ensure that they can be rendered to a PDF (including fonts) so that they can all be displayed from a single, central computer. Please e‐mail your slides (ONLY in PDF!!) to by October 10 the absolute latest!